Stay Woke Ep. 4: Black Lives Matter!

Group of diverse women hands together, sisterhood vector concept. Different hand teamwork, ethnic multiracial girls, feminist community, cooperation, support and friendship cartoon flat illustration

The objective of this post is not to point fingers or argue. I would much rather shed light and open up conversation. If that is what you crave as well feel free to reach out to me. If not, please kindly stay off my comment thread.

Nerds R us Ep.3 – What The Heck Is a Stay At Home Order?? (Douglas County Edition)

Just like it’s impossible for me to approach anything with out a spoon full of sarcasm, it’s improbable to think that anyone can keep track of how Covid-19 is affecting each area it touches. Since I love a good research project I’ve compiled all the information I could find on my district’s stay at home order. My intention? To help, in the most fun way possible.

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Simple Pleasures

When I was about 14 I got an unmatched education at a performing arts school called CHAMPS. My first year in attendance my year’s drama academy performed parts of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. To help get into the hearts of our characters we did a simple pleasures project. The idea was to consider your character’s… Continue reading Simple Pleasures